Gas Meter Relocation  (X-Tie)
You may have been contacted by United Meters, Inc. or Nicor regarding relocating your gas meter from the inside to the outside of your home. Answers to questions you may have about the process are posted below.  If you would like further information, please call 1 (800) 603-8964. 
Why is this necessary?
Nicor Gas has made a significant service upgrade on your block. We need to tie your home into the new service, and in most cases move your meter(s) to an outside location.
How long will this take?
A single family dwelling with one meter will take approximately two hours. A multi-family dwelling will take approximately three to four hours.
Do I need to be home?
Yes, you or a responsible ADULT should be home. We will need access to ALL apartments to relight appliances and perform a safety check.
Do you need to have access to all units, even if the stoves have electronic ignition?
Yes, we need to perform a safety check and make sure all air is out of the gas line.
Is there any cost to me?
No. The relocation of your meter, the tie-in and the relight/safety check are at no cost to you.
My meter is currently outside. Do I still need this work done?
Yes, we need to place a new regulator on your existing meter and hook up the meter to the new gas line.
Do you drill a hole in the side of my house?
Yes, we core a 2" hole for the gas line entrance. When the tie-in is completed we will seal the fuel entrance inside and out.
Is there any mess involved?
We will leave our work areas as we found them.
Will meter readers still contact me to read my meter after your work is completed?
In most cases, no. The meter readers will read your meter(s) at the new outside location.
What happens to the old service?
We attempt to plug and retire your old service. If we cannot, it will be cut off at the street at a later date.
Do you make a final meter reading?
How many workers will be at my home?
Most crews have two members. Some larger jobs will include an additional worker.
Do your workers have company IDs?
All workers will present and wear their Nicor IDs. Do not let anyone in your home that does not have proper Identification.
What will happen if this work is not done?
The old gas line will be retired. You MUST be connected to the new gas line to receive service.

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