Water Meter Change-Out Program
With every month that passes, your current meters become less efficient, and your revenue stream is not growing, as it should.  We need to focus on conservation of our precious natural resources. Old, stopped and leaking meters are responsible for millions of gallons of wasted resource.  A one-gallon per minute leak can result in the waste of 43,200 gallons of water per month.
A typical water meter loses 10% or more of its accuracy after ten years.  As time goes by, the inaccuracies worsen by 40% or more.  In many cases, the old meter, which may average 25+ years old, doesn’t register at all, and an estimated read is generated!  Not fair to the customer or the utility!
Can you imagine living without computers and faxes?  There was a time when people came “kicking and screaming” to those modalities…but in retrospect, they have changed our lives with decreased cycle time in many projects, and are definitely an integral part of our everyday life.
A meter change-out may be a huge and intimidating project, but one that will definitely provide documented savings and enhanced revenues for your city.  It’s easier than you may think.  This is our business…our only business.  While your personnel and equipment are doing the things they do best. So are we!  Meter installation. 
Ø      UMI does the Scheduling.  We eliminate the need for your personal to deal with the time and inconvenience of making phone calls, handling individual customer needs, callbacks, etc.
Ø      UMI assures Quality Installation Work.  Our installers are all licensed plumbers and accomplish more in a day than those personnel whose responsibilities include much more than meter change-out.  This gets your project done in a fraction of the time, without added personnel costs.
Ø      UMI provides Full-Time Supervision of all personnel, assuring all work performed in a safe, courteous and professional manner.
Ø      UMI furnishes Transportation Vehicles, all of which are professionally maintained, insured and display our business name.  This keeps your vehicles on the road and available for other utility work.     
Coupled with an AMR (Automatic Meter Reading) system, the savings to a municipality can be unbelievable, as can the capture of revenues currently going undetected.


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